About Us

McDonaldHistory.com is a collaborative project aimed at providing a central hub for those descendent’s of John and Freelove McDonald of Rhode Island. It is our goal not only to provide accurate genealogical data for lineages but also, to provide a forum to share oral traditions. We hope that the collaboration will grow as we gather more information and share our stories with one another.

There are three curators here at McDonaldHistory.com. Feel free to contact any curator should you have any questions.

McDonald Family Curators

Marcia Morton has been doing McDonald genealogy for almost 20 years. She has a wealth of knowledge about the family and specializes on the McDonald family’s migration from Rhode Island to the midwest (Ohio/Illinois regions). Marcia has also traveled extensively to various McDonald family locations including Rhode Island, Novia Scotia, and Scotland.

Shawn Marchinek Not only proudly serves in our nations Coast Guard, but has been doing McDonald family genealogy for 15 years. Shawn is our resident McDonald Family DNA expert. He has been tracking and connecting with McDonald’s from all over the country for the last 10 years. In addition to DNA, Shawn specializes in McDonald family origins & Scottish history and emigration.

Eric English has been working on the McDonald family history for the past 10 years. Eric is not only the web developer and designer of McDonaldHistory.com, but he is also an expert in colonial religious history. Eric’s main focus is on the McDonald family’s migration from Rhode Island to Vermont and Michigan.